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Monsters INC
Monsters INC
Monsters INC
Monsters INC
Monsters INC

Monsters INC

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I am a Pixar boy and Monsters Inc is probably the best Pixar movie!

I wanted to capture this great movie in an interesting way. I removed Sully's face so that the focus could be more on Mike's giant eye, unlike the bit they do in the movie where they block him out. 

The red and black twisted background contrasting with the bright colors of the monsters was done to give a "scary" feel, just like how the movie is about scaring but is really vibrant and fun. 


  • Made by hot-gluing Red Heart yarn onto a canvas
  • Dimensions (8”x 10” x 1”)
  • One of a kind - will not be made again
  • Finished on November 12th, 2020


Buying a frame is suggested due to slight fringing around the edge. Frame not provided.