Free Shipping in North America

Custom Orders

Fill the information below OR DM @yarnartguy on Instagram.

Information that you will need to send:

  • A photo that you would like recreated
  • The size of canvas you would like (any size is possible) 
  • Color scheme (if you have a preference)
  • Date you would like to receive your order by (minimum one month from the date of your order) 

Price ranges for custom orders are as follows (free shipping): 

  • 6"x8"                 =   $75USD - $150USD      (1 week to make) 
  • 8"x10"               =   $160USD - $200USD     (1-2 weeks to make)
  • 10"X10"            =   $125USD-$260 USD      (2-3 weeks to make)
  • 12"x12"             =   $300USD - $350USD    (2-4 weeks to make)
  • Larger Canvas  =       $350USD+                    (over one month to make)

Prices vary based on complexity of design and technique which we will discuss through email, call or DM. 

Please let me know if you are open to a phone call, this will make the process quicker and help me understand your vibe.

I will not make a piece that I have already made, to keep exclusivity.