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My First Kitty
My First Kitty
My First Kitty
My First Kitty
My First Kitty

My First Kitty

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 When you think of yarn, you think of either grandma or cats. 

When I started making yarn art, I knew I had to make a piece of a cat to start practicing making portraits for people's pets. Click on the "Custom Orders" tab on top to order your very own pet. 


This was one of my first cats, I wanted to play around with colors and the flow of the yarn to give it a fun, vibrant, almost trippy feel. I have learned a lot from this piece and you can really see how I improved on my animal pieces (see my IG - Link at the bottom of this page), and it all started here. 


  • Made by hot-gluing Red Heart yarn onto a canvas
  • Dimensions (9”x 11” x 1”)
  • One of a kind - will not be made again
  • Finished on July 30th, 2018


Buying a frame is suggested due to slight fringing around the edge. Frame not provided.